Teleconference services

Teleconference services used for online project/research meetings and online lectures. We utilize the BigBlueButton open-source platform, which is running on the experimental facility managed by the NetCloud group

VPN services

VPN services that facilitate secure remote access to the NetCloud infrastructure, either for management access by administrators or for accessing virtual machines, containers, or other services running in the facility. VPN is enabled through an OpenVPN server, which has been set up in our infrastructure.

Virtual machines (VMs)

VMs instantiated on-demand using a private IaaS-level cloud managed by OpenStack. NetCloud offers a range of software images that automate the deployment of tools that can be of potential use to researchers and developers.

Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs)

VNFs orchestratable by OpenSourceMANO (OSM), which interfaces with our OpenStack instance. Similar to VMs, software images facilitate the deployment of telco-oriented functions, such as firewalls, intrusion detection, or monitoring.


Containers deployed on a Kubernetes cluster running in our experimental facility, meeting the needs of micro-services and cloud-native applications.